Simți că îți lipsește energia?​

Simți că îți lipsește energia?​

Ai simțit vreodată că lipsa de energie te împiedică să faci acțiunile pe care le doreai?

În "Energia mea interioară-7 Metode prin care îți poți crește energia în doar 10 secunde" găsești informații pe care le poți aplica încă de la prima citire.

O poti descarca de aici GRATUIT (pana pe data de 22.11.2016 inclusiv):

Iata un mic fragment din carte:

"It's 5:17 a.m. and I've just finished my meditation. I'm contentedly watching out of the window at the big snow flakes that easily lay on the car in front of my house.

Today is a day from which I expect many interesting situations, and this thought challenges me to gather even more energy into my body. So, I apply "BIP" method and, in just 10 seconds, my energy level rapidly increases to the highest level. Now I'm ready for what's next!"

Any action that you'd like to take needs your effort. If you find it difficult to pass from thought "to do" to action itself, then the first place to look for the cause is the energy level.

Everything that surrounds us is a form of energy. In our turn we are a constitutive part of this ocean of energy and, through invisible connections, we share with the environment this vital resource.

Do you remember a situation in which everything around you seemed to have conspired against you to have as many failures as you can? The alarm clock didn't ring in the morning, the car didn't start, the taxi was late, the boss was much too angry to understand you, office mates became soon enough unbearable, family were annoying or none of your friends answered the phone when you needed most. Does it ring a bell to you? At the end of such a day you were forceless and exhausted.

On the other hand, do you remember how you felt after receiving a good news? Everything seems possible and, with a single smile, the whole world was yours."

Te rog, după ce aplici ceea ce ai citit, lasă impresiile tale despre asta în secțiunea "Customer Reviews". În acest fel îi vei ajuta și pe alții să știe dacă le e de folos cartea sau nu. Mulțumesc.
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